Mystic Tan Original Blue Box MT3000

The Mystic Tan Original MT3000 model pictured here was one of the first "walk-in type automatic" UV free sunless tanning devices.   The Original "blue box" design consists of a plastic shell with  three spray nozzles which photo of the original Mystic Tan MT3000mist or "fog" the customer with a DHA chemical which interacts with your dead skin layer to turn it brown.  This original model features a 90 second tan, 3 levels of tan and a self-cleaning feature.

There are a ton of these on the used market priced from FREE to $1,500.  Be careful when buying one of these older units and be really sure you have a qualified technician nearby when considering purchasing one of these. There is a good reason why some one would give you a free sunless spray tan booth, if you "just came a picked it up".

We do not feel comfortable buying and selling these outdated units but there are thousands of them still in use today in salons across America.  Therefore, we offer a "rescue and adoption" program for those less fortunate who want to own a sunless booth but simply can not afford one.  Postings can be found on our Spa Talk page here.

Please Email Us a request to be placed on the standby list when one of these becomes available in your area.  Please list the driving distance you are willing to travel to pick one up (yes, it's free, so you have to go and get it).  We are now posting all Blue Box Adoptions on our Parts Exchange page. 

If you have a Mystic Tan Original booth you would like removed from your location for FREE, please email us here today and we will post your Blue Box Adoption request.   Please check out the videos below if you are considering this endeavor:

The video above is a demonstration video of how this sunless booth operates.  The photo below is the back of the MT3000 Original Blue Box used for troubleshooting and repair and to give technicians a general idea of what they are getting into.

sunless spray tan booth parts and repair