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Automated Spa Equipment for Sale

We are now encouraging tanning salon owners and prospective new business owners to consider the "automated spa or wellness center" business models. 

The basic difference between these two spa type services are the number of staff you expect to have employed.  automated spa equipment

The automated spa (as the name implies) provides computer driven spa services which are controlled at the front desk and only require 1 attendant to run the store. 

These spa services may include photo light therapy, sunless tanning, Vichy showers inside personal spa capsules, and water massage beds, just to name a few. 

Ending your business name with "Wellness Center" can project a more positive image than "tanning salon", even though a wellness center can have more than a few indoor tanning devices available to customers. 

Please remember, humans need the sun or equivalent to survive so the USA will not banish indoor tanning beds all together like the country of Australia has, but merely push them into back rooms and require new danger labeling (like cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana) so they can be heavily taxed. 

If you own a tanning salon, we recommend you begin the transition to an automated spa by slowly removing old, unused level 1 and 2 tanning beds and replacing them with a sunless tanning booth, water massage bed, or personal spa capsule

We are a former tanning bed manufacturer who now utilizes our resources to completely refurbish all of these spa type items and provide installation and warranties with everything we sell.  You may buy this automated spa equipment separately or all-inclusive for one low price. 

We can provide an entire salon full of equipment AND the salon walls found here for a fraction of the cost of new.  You just need an empty space that is about 20 ft by 60 ft with tile or concrete floors, we do the rest.  Call 800-667-9189 for a private consultation or email us here. 

Read more below about the automated spa equipment we recommend by clicking on any underlined link or picture on this page.

automated spa equipment

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