Free Starter Kit with each Booth Purchase

We realize that when you purchase a used sunless spray tanning booth you will need all the "little things" required to properly service your clients during a session.  These little things include disposable booties to cover their feet, photo of free starter kit with every purchase of a sunless boothhair caps to protect their fade, and nose plugs to keep the spray from getting up there.  You will also need to have the solution which the customer actually consumes during the session. 

With the Mystic Tan HD unit, the solution takes the form of  3 ounce "cartridges" which you have behind the counter and the customer takes with them into the room to begin the session by placing the cartridge in a "holster".  We send you 45 cartridges (15 each of 3 colors) free with each refurbished sunless booth purchase. 

If you buy the Magic Tan VersaSpa, they utilize a "bladder" system, therefore we send you 3 different selections which include the "prep solution", "clear solution", and "dark solution".

You can also expect to receive for free the manuals, marketing posters and one 34 oz bottle of barrier cream.  Our all-inclusive pricing for used spray tan booths includes this free kit described here, professional installation by our factory guys (we fly them in when required), and a 30 day warranty. 

Keep in mind, we offer free telephone support for a life-time of ownership and provide parts and repair for all models of automatic booths, regardless of the model. 

Each booth is brought back to our warehouses and completely broken down, rebuilt and tested.  We repaint the aluminum extrusions when the black paint fades and we replace the floor graphics when they are obviously worn down. 

We install these spray tanning booths anywhere in the USA and most of Canada.  We have an installer who lives in Toronto.  When our guys leave, after a brief training session, you are ready for your first customer. 

Sunless tanning is quickly replacing UV tanning as the preferred choice among most tanners.  Please read our spray tan booth reviews here and then check our inventory of used sunless equipment here

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