Mystic Tan Innovation MT5000 for Sale $7,999

We have completely refurbished a 2007 Mystic Tan Innovation MT5000 model sunless spray tanning booth for sale for only $7,999 with free delivery anywhere in the lower 48 states. We offer free installation in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York and more. 
photo of a mystic tan innovation mt5000 model
We offer a 30 day parts warranty and will properly demonstrate this unit works prior to leaving your salon.  We provide a life-time support via smartphone text messaging.

The technology in the Innovation model is 10+ years old so the pumps and nozzles need much TLC and hands-on maintenance to keep up and running. 

IF you have a man or woman in your life who likes to get their hands dirty, understands pump and nozzle technology, and knows their way around a Grainger catalog, then is the right unit for you. 

Other negative aspects of the Innovation model are the lack of heater (you can install a bathroom or sauna type in the ceiling) and the lack of blow drying function during the process (you can install a bathroom type dryer here too). 

But for the money, only $7,999, you will be in the sunless spray tanning business and perhaps generate enough revenue to justify spending much more on a new VersaSpa or Mystic Tan HD model later.  The positive attributes of this unit is the patented MagneTan technology where all the spray particles are magnetically attracted to your body to ensure 100% even coverage. 

Please watch the informative video below then call 800-667-9189 with more questions or Email Us .   Please watch the video below to see a fantastic demonstration of how the Innovation spray tanning booth works:

Found below is a pdf style catalog from Sunless, Inc, who holds the patent and copyrights to all the Mystic and Magic Tan brands found on this website, including the MT5000 Innovation series shown here. 

This information is offered as a service to the Sunless Inc customers and is not intended to be sold or reprinted.  These documents should be used solely for the purpose of operating a sunless booth properly.  We strongly encourage you to buy a new unit from them when your budget allows as their products will always earn their money back.  

If you need financing,  click here to complete our online equipment lease application  and pre-qualify up to $20k within 24 hours. 

Found below are the "pre-install instructions" which are critical to the proper set-up and installation of this Mystic Tan Innovation MT5000 sunless tanning booth.  Minimum room size is 8' x 7 ' with at least an 8' ceiling and 110 volt power with a drain line and cold water pressure at least 55# for the automatic wash down system. 

call 800-667-9189 to order today or Email Us with more questions.

click to enlarge view and print this equipment manual    click to enlarge view and print these pre-installation instructions  Sunless Inc 2012 catalog